Wenzl has structured many innovative solutions for large and medium-sized clients active in industrial sectors requiring high volumes of guarantees/surety bonds. At the same time, we also address challenging situations including M&A-Events, exponential business growth and economic difficulties.

With decades of international banking experience, Manuel López and Ricardo Quílez enable our company to bridge the insurance and bank sector interface to deliver unique solutions for the benefit of our clients. This interface is increasingly relevant as tightening regulatory and capital constraints for banks significantly reduce their risk appetite forcing them to substantially increase their price offering or withdraw.

We are members of the Loan Market Association covering the global syndication market and ITFA, its trade finance equivalent.

jens schroeder

Jens Schröder

Jens qualified as a lawyer in finance and employment law, and subsequently a tax consultant by training, before joining Wenzl Assekuranz in 1999. He has structured many landmark surety and bank guarantee transactions, originated and developed significant client relationships. Jens takes pride in helping clients throughout the economic and business cycle by obtaining the necessary support of surety insurers and banks. He has garnered a sterling reputation in the European surety market as a result.

Manuel López

Manuel joined Wenzl as a Partner in November 2021 and leads our international expansion by leveraging decades of experience in the international bank and surety market. Manuel is a frequent panelist at industry associations such as ICISA, ITFA, LMA and IACPM covering new applications of surety and how to comply with cross-border regulatory requirements. As a result of his multicultural upbringing and previous work experience, he is fluent in Spanish, German, Italian and English.

Ricardo Quílez

Ricardo Quílez

Ricardo Quílez has been working decades in the Spanish financial service industry becoming a specialist in surety and guarantee solutions. Previously he was instrumental in establishing many innovative bank surety structures by leveraging his deep understanding of client needs, extensive network and highly regarded reputation in the market. Moreover, his regional risk distribution experience, covering multiple asset classes, further emphasises his deep experience.

Domenico Esposito

Domenico Esposito

Domenico is a registered Civil Engineer, with a Master in Finance, and a (Re)insurance professional, holder of the Diploma in Insurance from the Chartered Insurance Institute (London, UK). He benefits from over 15 years of international experience in Export Credit, Surety underwriting, broking and MGA management. During that period of time, he lived and worked in different countries in Europe and the Middle East structuring many complex cross borders landmark deals and implementing new functions and teams from scratch. Domenico leads the activities of Wenzl in Italy.